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2008-04-10 07:24:32 by Vixin-McCloud

It's a sprite-flash so it should be done by now right? Wrong if you want something of quality.


TONS of scripts have been done and worked out while many more ideas have been thought up. Scripts and ideas are exploding which is rather surprising since the main story is just three friends going on adventures like every Saturday Morning cartoon, but before I completely turn people away, there is action and there is humour. It's just not as adult as Sonic VS Super was (if you can even call that adult).

Voice recording...wise:

At this point, the only voice actors in this is myself and my brother and me coughing up enough flem and shit to fill an ocean while borrowing my brother's mic doesn't make for much recording, but a little has been done. Later on, I will hunt around for others whether they'd be cameo or actual parts, but when that happens, I have no idea.


The intro and menu is done and now I'm working on the episode itself. Due to the restriction of sprite backgrounds, I've decided to try something different and draw in all my backgrounds in flash. If nothing else, I shouldn't then be restricted to side-on view all the time. It's still a sprite flash though, but Mystery Dungeon sprites only serve any use on a bird eye's view so I have to custom build sheet upon sheet upon sheet. Charmander is simple and I struck it lucky with Sneasel since I found a custom-built sheet that I can build on and make it animatable, but building poses for Dragonair is a nightmare and a half. Straightened out, Dragonair is very long and animating her to move without it looking really out of place is very hard to do so building her sheet is a very slow business.

Extra info:

As I saw in the last update, many (not all) haven't really been warming up to the new idea or just want Sonic VS Super Sonic back so with this, Uroll gave me this good idea to make a Trailer for the series. Once I finish animating the first fight sequence, I will get to work on that which shouldn't really take long. Once I get all the sprite sheets sorted, animating itself should speed up a little.


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2008-04-10 15:00:39

OK. At least an update came out. I thought, however, that this series would be more adult than SVsS.S. Guess I'm either wrong or guessing (since it's not ready yet, can't say for sure.) Well, just ignore the people who complain of your switch and I'll (as well as many other true fans of yours) be waiting for the trailer.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

The series would be more adult then any old Saturday Morning cartoon, but more childish then S VS SS (mainly cus' you don't have an insane glowing hedgehog...thing trying to kill things). I tried simply ignoring thos who complain, but it seems more and more of them just keep appearing louder then ever and what really annoys me is how quick some are to judge so the trailer is a must.


2008-04-10 15:47:49

he he im glad i could help

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Yeah, thanks again!


2008-04-11 15:29:18

Well said. I can see where your coming from with the people who complain, but I still believe that if would be easier to just disregard them. If they just want to bitch that a switch to a Pokemon parody wasn't a good idea or that of stopping S vs SS, let them bitch and miss out of the results at the end. Then if they come around, good for them. If not, forget it. No use worrying about them. So again, I'll be waiting for the trailer and wish ya good luck.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Thanks again for being supportive. A lot of effort is going into the series so I'm hoping for a cool result.


2008-04-12 01:17:15

I'm one of those that liked S vs. SS. I wish that you would continue, but I know that you don't like sonic anymore and I will respect that unlike others. You deserve to chose to continue something or not. Sonic has go down hill but i still hope Sega will get there act together and not completely fail.

I don't like Pokemon so I'm not going to watch your new series, but good luck on it!

Have you seen sonic unleashed? It does look promising. but i can see flaws in it. (werewolf sonic. lol.)

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I'm glad you respect my choice to not continue. Also a shame that you choose not to watch even though the series is still in the production line, but that's your choice which is fine by me.

If Sega pick up their act and I mean REALLY pick up their act (not get halfway and decide to cock it up), then maybe, but yes. The chance of that happening is quite minimal.

P.S Yes I have seen Sonic Unleashed. There are little factors that give me small hope, but knowing Sega and Sonic, their time was up ages ago and that game too will be a failure.


2008-04-15 16:54:11

Oh cool a trailer that's gonna be sweet :D.I'm really looking forward to this new series.I still like pokemon even if I am over 15 years old.But even if I didn't like pokemon I would still watch this because I love your animating style and how funny your flashes are.For the people that complain you should just ignore them.You don't have to bow down to what they want from you.You make these for fun not because your forced to.But of course some people just can't understand that and feel the need to force you to do something that you don't want to.I however completely respect your decision to change and stop your other series.Once again looking forward to the new flash and good luck!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Thanks so much for your kinds words. ^^

I like the games (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald was a big failure) cus' I like the raising and battling and such, but the anime for me from Johto onwards was horrible.

I really do hope this works and if people just come out the moment it releases and just bitch about Sonic VS Super Sonic, I swear, there will be hell to pay! Why did I have to have a lot of angry fans? I'm sure Valve didn't get this load of abuse for Portal.


2008-04-16 09:16:02

Yeah I never cared for the anime either.I stopped watching it around the time Johto came out.I do watch some of the movies once in a while.Best one is Pokemon the first movie.The games have always been fun and I have alot of the trading cards that I never use I'm just waiting to sell them.Portal I thought was a very sweet game.I don't know why people would get mad at Valve for making it.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I point I tried to make on that was I bet Valve didn't fall under fire for making a different game other then the Half Life series like me amking a different series other then Sonic VS Super Sonic.


2008-04-30 11:09:00

sonic espirit tranformer?

Vixin-McCloud responds:



2008-04-30 14:22:52

Another month has passed. This must be serious if the trailer hasn't come out. No pressure though. Any luck with anything though?

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I can't always posting something monthly epecially if bugger all has happened? In this case, the acess to the right computer has been cut so everything's on hold til then.


2008-05-04 15:07:35

Oh. My bad! I knew flash animation was hard, but it looks like it's more problamatic than I thought. Well hopefully it'll work out. And I noticed someone used your avatar in a Sonic bloopers animation.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Really? Which aniamtion was this one?


2008-05-05 12:23:35

what can a sonic the espirit?

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Sonic the espirit? Just what the hell are ou talking about?


2008-05-06 15:55:03

sonic love position?

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Never heard of it and it has nothing to do with this update what so ever.


2008-05-08 15:24:23

I think it, it definitely was Sonic 15th 2wo (something like that). You commented on it so I thought you knew. Lol, you blew up that blue Knux guy on the animation. Do you know the animator for real or just chatted with him/her?

Vixin-McCloud responds:

XD Oh, you mean Ric. I know him and allowed him to use my sprites since I helped in his animation.


2008-05-11 12:33:16

all the characters of sonic!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

This is an update for Pokémon, not for Sonic. You have the wrong update.


2008-05-15 16:29:44

Ah. Nice to know. Speaking of sprites, did you manage to get the poses for Dragonair right? It seems like what you may be having more problems with that than the others (based on the current information).

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I fixed a couple of the Dragonair poses, but still a nightmare and a half to get to look right.


2008-05-20 15:11:58

Nightmare and 1/2? Never would have thought it possible. And I'm sure it doesn't help having to check Newgrounds to see if someone is commenting on this. (Reply yes and I'll shut up. lol).

Vixin-McCloud responds:

That's not really the problem (though Dragonair doesn't help). It's more my computer needed for all the spriting is in use by someone else for a while so everything has been put on hold until then. I do have to work with the real world you know.


2008-05-20 20:18:46

Well im both bummed out and excited.Bummed out because I looked every day for #4 and just realized it was canceld but excited because you started a new series!(please finish this one).I wont act like a jerk because its your choice.You are right saying that new sonic games suck.(except for Sonic riders zero gravity).


Vixin-McCloud responds:

That's the beauty about this project. It doesn't have a hugely fixed storyline nor a planned ending so i can finish it whenever I want!


2008-05-27 17:12:36

umm well i dont complain just suggest on ideas anyways have you ever herd on imvu it is an 3d virtual avatar world its realy awesome i have a link to the site on my home new grounds page im usaly on every day anyways i had another idea for your s vs ss this might just solve your voice actor problem what you can do is find ppl who have microphones and send them some scripts have them record the scripts and send the file back to you

Vixin-McCloud responds:

One, I don't care about whatever site you're trying to plug.


Three, that's how I did the auditions before and no, that doesn't solve the problem.


2008-05-28 13:49:45

Someone else using the computer that you use to animate. Sucks. But hopefully, when it comes around, the finished result will look great. Wish you luck on it.
P.S- The new picture looks menacing. Ric did a good job on it.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Yeah. Welcome to sharing one's living quarters. I have to work with what I've got. Thanks, I'll need every bit of luck I can get!

P.S: Thanks. ^^ He's taking requests to do SatAM versions of people if you're interested.


2008-06-03 12:36:25

No problem