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In with one and Out with the other.

2008-05-31 07:55:01 by Vixin-McCloud

Well I extra idea I did have going died in the ass when the script ended up being long and boring so it'll just be the trailer. Also in regards to the rant I said before on Forum Politics, I got a nice reply to it which is fine...right up until names started coming out. I at least had the decency to not say names as that would be aiming to publicly humiliate. If I wanted to publicly humiliate her, I've got much better material for it. I've emailed said person about this little mess and I've yet to get a reply. I highly doubt I will since I gave her this chance before and she didn't take it. Oh well, I care none for such hype from people and then can't follow through on their word. Also there's a nice little love flower blossoming again anyway so well wishes to the happy couple. ^^ May you both feed off each other's excuses. Don't cha all love internet drama? XD

In with something new though, the comic that my internet series is be loosely based off is now on Smack Jeeves.. Life As A Pokémon will update each Sunday with a new Pokémon each time. I have a lot of back comics from my old ties so while you're all waiting for me to get something done on here, you can go there, have a look and comment. (It's called LaaP for short and it uses the normal e cus' the system doesn't recognise funny squiggles)

Not much has happened on the animation point, but as soon as things kick off again, you'll be the first to know.


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2008-05-31 13:15:40

pretty good but i wanna see more!!!!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

If you mean the comic, next Sunday. Also I can't do much with a lack of access.


2008-06-01 03:56:30

kk then next sunday


2008-06-01 13:23:42

Haha, those comics are hilarious!Oh I can't wait for next Sunday to get here!Keep up the good work!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Thanks. ^^ I have a huge back-log of these comics and even more ideas so it shouldn't die anytime soon!


2008-06-03 12:58:34

XD! That was a good comic. Though Nintendo already pulled that gag with a Pikachu on Pokemon Stadium for the N64 (and as a secret minigame in Pokemon Yellow). But it's really good. I also like how you used Unown for a font (now someone should convince Game Freak to give that font style to Microsoft or something XD). Great material. Can't wait for it to come into flash.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

The Surfing gag? But the difference with Rydon is he's weak against water so it becomes more amusing. Also remember that the animation is loosely based on the comic, but still good none the less! ^^ The next one comes out this Sunday.


2008-06-04 12:38:44

I know Rhydon is weak against water (which actually does make it funnier); I was just pointing it out. Regardless if the flash animation is lossely related or completly tied to the comic, I'm just waiting to see the good stuff come out (no pressure though).


2008-06-05 00:24:20

eh the comic was ok you could through in some dark humor every once in a while

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Why throw in dark humour when there's no need? If the joke calls for it, then dark humour I will use, but until then, no.


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