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Entry #4

In need of a long or perminant vacation.

2008-06-06 15:03:25 by Vixin-McCloud

Okay, we all know this speech. Long story short, there is only so many times that I can pour my heart into something or someone and get stabbed for it. Long story short, I'm taking a long ass break from spriting, comic making, animating and anything of the sorts. Why? Cus' it's getting increasingly hard to put my time and effort into something for other people's enjoyment when the level of liking the mass human race is pretty bloody low. This will likely result in months or years of silence, but it could well take that long before I dare want to help anyone again after all the shit I've been dealing with. So usual speech out of the way, sorry for hyping you all up, but it's likely not going to happen now.

Edit: Since I have a back-log of the comic, I'll post them up once a week and then I'll see what the future for the comic will hold.

Life As A Pokémon


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2008-06-06 16:28:15


Vixin-McCloud responds:

Betray? It's hardly betrayl when the fault comes from other people. Besides, I changed my mind. The comic is still going for now.


2008-06-06 18:41:21

Don't take to have a fan! Sonic VS Super Sonic is incredible!

Vixin-McCloud responds: haven't looked at previous stuff have you? Sonic VS Super Sonic was cancelled ages ago.


2008-06-06 20:18:32

you know what if ppl have a problem with your comics and your animations they can go f@#~ them selfs but yes i know it gets very aggravating when you help some one and you get dissed on that makes me mad too

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Yeah. It's really annoying, but boredom and a back-log means the comic will still be going if nothing else.


2008-06-07 01:20:35


Vixin-McCloud responds:

Read again.


2008-06-07 18:35:47

I hope your back soon. Even though your gone, your still my favorite!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Aww thanks. ^^ That means a lot to me!


2008-06-08 13:15:38

Stuck with a lot of problems huh. Guess it only gets harder from here on. I do hope you come back sometime soon. Just like the one guy before me, your one of my favorite animators. Good luck with everything then. I'll be watching.


2008-06-11 09:19:52

vacations are awesomes =p


2008-06-14 12:19:56

No matter how things turn out between us, I want you to know your still great at what you do. I'll always be here to support you.


2008-06-15 11:41:37

yeah u still have support from me ^_^ your undying fan lol


2008-06-16 17:36:53

If i ever do start up a series and if you ever do come back, I might ask you for a little help.

P.S(what does that stand for anyway?) I see you got older since my last comment. Happy Birthday!! (even though it is a little late to say that.)


2008-06-25 23:20:24

wait, does this mean you will leave your stuff unfinished indefinitely, like kirbopher15 did with TTA? oh well, everyone needs a break I guess


\_/ 2 731-1 1*\/\/1\1!!!1!!1!1!!11111101\13!!!!


2008-06-27 18:39:44

a great author like u needs a vacation :)


2008-07-02 01:34:29

OMG!!! Mizox is right!! It's just like TTA and SMBZ!!! Nooooooooo I can't take another great author that I love to stop making something so great!! Oh well not my place to say so.

Have a good vacation Vixin. And remember, you will always have loyal fans. Later


2008-07-02 01:36:52

Oh and by the way. Love your comics.


2008-07-03 13:14:02

It sucks to hear that.I can live though without your new flashes.If it means anything to you I appreciate all the hard work you did to make your flashes and comics.I really hope that you get through this ok.Hopping for the best!

And for the moron that decided to say you are "Betraying us" really needs to understand that you don't owe us anything.


2008-07-04 00:08:00

Yeah, I don't get that either, the fans owe her patience.


2008-07-15 09:32:12

has anyone herd from vixin yet


2008-07-17 01:19:53

She's taking a break from newgrounds. "For months or years".


2008-07-18 04:21:12

oh ok i cant blame her for wanting a vacation she deserves one especially after the way ppl treat her >_< even artists need respect and paitentce from her fans sorry if i mispelled that word


2008-07-18 18:43:33

Well, we'll miss you and I'm with Chidorisengan on this one, saying, your one of my favorites!


2008-07-22 10:36:48

Either the Internet is screwing with me (again) or I can't see your comics.


2008-07-24 21:47:44

I can't see the comic. What happend to it?


2008-07-31 00:51:15

She changed the URL. /


2008-08-02 17:10:45

hey, you think you could tell me where you got the background music when sonic's attacking eggmans in sonic vs super sonic 1


2008-08-11 14:33:48

Oh really?


2008-08-12 02:16:42

well if you Bash my skull im going to take out your heart and crush it! so don't bash my skull.


2008-08-12 02:20:43

sorry bout that. that was not cool. i just don't like villains thats all. please don't ban me.


2008-08-12 19:38:39

...What the hell are you talking about?


2008-08-16 02:29:40

Wow she really did leave. She hasn't answered anyone since June. That makes me sad =( We miss you Vixin!!!


2008-08-25 17:28:52

i dont see y any1 would insult ur work ur awesome


2008-09-01 11:19:01

I hope you come back soon ^^ but i might leave this account and go 2 another 1. this is my 2nd and i'm thinking of making a new 1. once again. plz come back soon! :3


2008-09-01 18:39:29

oh wait u said u were back. or did u? XD lol


2008-09-01 21:44:04

No, she never said she was back here, and I'm pretty sure she hasn't read these comments since June.

You can try going to her on SmackJeeves, but I haven't seen her there for about half of a month, she's possibly having computer problems.


2008-09-02 21:01:07

or maybe she doesn't wanna read. i sent a youtube message. i left 4 a bit cause im nevious. i didnt really leave. that could be a possability!


2008-09-03 09:58:06

YouTube message?


2008-09-06 15:43:21

yea i feel how you mean i gave up sprites years ago because no one liked it but im going back to it because im bored as hell so im going to do it again trust me its better to sprite then nothing its as boring as hell hope you spite again soon your good.


2008-09-27 23:23:19

I understand exactly understand what you are talking about, at school I used to draw comics and stuff, people started saying it sucked, so I just stopped.
So if you see no point in making stuff for other people, be my guest, it's your decision.


2008-09-28 08:50:19

! I just read the Sonic vs Super Sonic Post. Because of one of the comments. I know the games haven't been that great. Also everyone needs a break. But years! Or forever! You rock. Well I'm no one to stand in your way.
Goodbye Vixen McCloud.


2008-09-29 12:53:17

Good luck you shall be missed.


2008-10-04 17:49:55

hi i know you dont know me im just saying hi (cool movies btw) :)


2008-10-12 09:41:27

yeah well i don't need a vacation (yet) i don't have flash (to make flash) it seems like i need to pay about $100 for a flash program do you know how to get a full verson flash for free.


2008-10-12 16:35:46

Loo, I now that this flash stuff is not easy, but how can you just cut off he S VS SS story like that?! That has to be the greatest cliffhanger ever!! Just look at the reviews for it! Cant you see all the ones that say: WHERE IS 4?!?1?!?! WHEN IS THE NEXT ON COMING?!?!?! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??!!. If you can continue the comic, why cant you finish up the S VS SS series?!Please! That story got you tons of fans and I'm one of them!! Don't leave us in a bind like this! Why trash a series that has been so successful, funny, and awesome?


2008-10-12 16:45:12

Because of the reviews.
Many people have sent Hate mails and writtin mean reviews, and now she doesnt want to continue. ALthough LAAP has been dead for a few months, the most likely reason for this is that Vixen is sick, or worse. Apparently either A) Vixen doesnt want to continue the comic, or B) Something is wrong, and she CANT continue it.


2008-10-20 10:39:59

need a new update XD


2008-11-08 16:09:53 just ask to b in his comic


2008-11-28 01:10:39

You promised me! if there was a decent sonic game, sonic vs super sonic is coming back! I swear if you don't do it ill just have to cap everything in a long message about why your a poop and be mad a while.


2008-12-12 23:05:41

you might your work is impressive so you what you choose


2009-02-05 21:17:24

are you gonna make more sonic vs super sonic vids please do there awsome


2009-04-06 13:28:13

make more please im new and i like this series so please com out with more.


2009-07-01 23:30:50

I knew she was going to quit