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In need of a long or perminant vacation.

2008-06-06 15:03:25 by Vixin-McCloud

Okay, we all know this speech. Long story short, there is only so many times that I can pour my heart into something or someone and get stabbed for it. Long story short, I'm taking a long ass break from spriting, comic making, animating and anything of the sorts. Why? Cus' it's getting increasingly hard to put my time and effort into something for other people's enjoyment when the level of liking the mass human race is pretty bloody low. This will likely result in months or years of silence, but it could well take that long before I dare want to help anyone again after all the shit I've been dealing with. So usual speech out of the way, sorry for hyping you all up, but it's likely not going to happen now.

Edit: Since I have a back-log of the comic, I'll post them up once a week and then I'll see what the future for the comic will hold.

Life As A Pokémon


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2009-08-13 22:43:27

well if that is what you want then we can not really change your mind. i was really starting to like the sonic vs super sonic. the story for it was amazing. they should make i real movie about it(and i really mean that)

if i had watched your videos long ago i would have told you "dont let thoughs mean people get to you" i dont know what the said about your videos that were insults, because if it was about the sprites, at least you were kind enough to put something there, if they do not like the animation, make there own in there head. in fact, i can not compare most of the sonic videos other people make to this.

well i am 3 years too late *sigh* you are probubly never going to red this spending 20 minutes typing stuff....damn 10:43 at night....damn me....being....sleepy....Zzzzzzzz


2009-10-21 08:48:27

i have not been here very long but youre my favorite flash artist.i also know how you feel it happens to me alot.but dont be like me and shut your heart off from the world.


2009-10-26 22:29:42

i did not think any of you flashes are bad in fact i watched all them and liked them so i was wondering if you would make a sonic vs super sonic soon


2009-11-01 10:01:33

its a shame am damb shame


2009-12-01 19:05:39

I hope you come back soon Your animation skillz are amazing


2010-01-03 11:22:01

you have made a really good point there. u put hours of hard work into these flashes and yet you need time to yourself. people want the s vs ss ep 4 and yet they are not thinking about what you want. so in my opinion it is fine with me that you are doing this so have funn XD


2010-06-06 04:59:36

will you ever come back i wonder


2010-06-12 23:56:48

Hi, im new in newgrounds, i dont know what is happening, but its sound something sad, do not worry I will support you, no matter what happen.


2010-06-13 00:09:58

Ive also seen your sprites movies or flash, ive seen it 2 years ago, that was when im not still a member, anyway i will support you in anything. just like i said ''no matter what happen''.


2010-06-23 14:22:39

If you're not going to continue your Sonic vs Super Sonic flash series, then why not delete the parts of it that currently exist on NewGrounds?


2010-07-23 02:02:06

From now on, you face your destiny without fear, but with courage. Believe in yourself, and create your own destiny. Don't FEAR failure.


2010-09-24 14:35:23

Two years has passed since this faithful day....


2010-12-20 19:21:28

hey ¿do you remember your'e sonic vs super sonic series? well i'm got fucking tired of waiting so you must make that freaking episode before i'm freaking own you up >:( even if your'e a girl>:( >:( >:(


2011-01-17 16:29:19

More bitching huh...? Heh, you make me laugh, I liked your flashes back in the day, but you make me laugh. :p


2011-04-11 20:37:07

wanna be friends


2011-09-03 10:46:54

i feel you pooring ur heart into something like a flash and having it run over with a bus i dont post flashes i like my brother look at them first it doesnt work very well


2011-10-16 02:21:48

hey my name is bilguun. i like your videos. please make sonic vs super sonic 4. good luck


2012-01-06 22:17:01



2012-06-20 22:39:14

Why is it flash artists seem to get so pretentious and vain as series go on? Not finishing something because it "supports the degeneration of a series"? What a crock. If you had come out and said "Life sucks right now, I don't want/feel/have to make anymore" rather than giving us a clever "my faith in mankind is pretty bloody low" excuse that makes fellow narcissists nod their heads, I would have accepted that. But really, that excuse is just so. Damn. Weak. "Humanity" is the problem? Tch, you're the problem, your friends are the problem. Fix them. Don't blame humanity, don't put some great objective into this disappearance. Show some backbone and quit for real, or don't quit and finish what you started.

Seriously, these comments disgust me. Sympathy for this event. I thought it was just another "good idea down the tube" but no it's a freaking pity party. How disgusting.


2013-05-06 16:46:42

I want Sonic vs Super sonic 4!