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New project and drilling in reason of the old project

2008-03-05 12:28:51 by Vixin-McCloud

I'm the unknown that animated Sonic VS Super Sonic and a while back, animated Still Annoyed, but I am working on something new.

First, a message about Sonic VS Super Sonic...again:

I know many of you have been rejecting the idea that I do not wish to continue it based on my short reason of my simply hating sonic now since his games haven't been performing very well. Some of you have even been PMing me saying how great the games are compared to something else or how one game was good to you or how I should support Sonic still in the hope that he will return.

By the way. if that sort of thinking is the kind all current Sonic fans hold then your guys need a reality check cus' supporting a crap game will then make SEGA believe that they don't have to make good games to get money from them. If you want Sonic to improve, you have to force them to improve by turning your back on him until they realise that they need to get their act together. Them returning to their former glory may never happen, but meh. I choose to not like Sonic now and that is one of the two main reasons as to why I'm stopping. Not the only reason, but one of the two main ones so kindly stop trying to convince me that Sonic is god cus' you're wasting your time!

Now, a new project on the wings:

I have a theory.It's not the building serious storyline people want to watch in my flashes or just the comedy (though that plays a big part in it). its the sprite fighting. Nothing else, but the sprite fighting. So I looked at myself and wondered, what has a lot of fighting in, but is in need of some serious improvement? Then I remembered the comic I make for myself in my little spare time, only showing a few. It's called Life As A Pokémon. s/w140/Vixin-McCloud/LifeasaPokmonLogo pic.png = Link to banner sort of.

Yes, Pokémon. It's perfect! Few people ever actually try to dig into the info given nor truly give it the fighting style it deserves.

The story is about a Charmander who was born into Trainer life, a Dragonair who was caught and then abandoned and a Sneasel who has been wild since the day he was born. Together, they go on various adventures taking them all over the world of Pokémon discovering new things and seeing various items and events through their own eyes. Say hunting, Sneasel complains about how hard hunting is and Charmander being a trainer's Pokémon doesn't see how hard it is since she is pratically given her food and Dragonair would think they're both idiots. Happy friends there...

Anyway I've started scripting with my brother and looking into it, the style will be like that of a Saturday Morning cartoon, but not for kids. Especially not when you dig into the Pokédex info deeply and apply it to that of a wild animal. A LOT of adult themes start popping up. I have no idea when that will see any light since unlike before where there was a lot of sprites readily available, this time, Mystery Dungeon doesn't provide much for say a close up or angle and the fact that finding a full sheet for certain kinds is quite a task so I'm building poses and possibly even backgrounds from scratch.

The scripts are looking to be quite larger then that of previous work. Any script I did before was only about 4 to 7 pages long. The shortest one so far for this project is 10 with 18 being the limit I've set myself. That is also of course not going into detail about the fighting. Also at this point, only me and my brother will be voicing the characters with one not even having a proper voice as such, but I might call for cameos later...or I could just ask the people who helped me out before. Depends on how things go. This will not be following some strict storyline, but there will be a storyline of such. Just not a very detailed one as there is no need for something like that.

I will update on progress as soon as I can. Take care til then!

~ Vixin McCloud


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2008-03-05 14:20:38

I'm not going to say that you have to like Sonic or the games that are coming out. You've made your desicion, it's not my problem. Nor is it anyone elses. But I will say that you got me kind of bummed out with the fact that you'll stop Sonic v. Super Sonic. It was one of those series that I actually wanted to see complete. I'd wish you change your mind on at least completing it, but that's up to you I guess.
Regarding the new series you going to work on, I think it sounds like a good idea. Pokemon is another game big on the market ever since its original two versions (Red and Blue). So I will be looking foward to it. Knowing your style of animation from Still Annoyed (which I appolagize for critizizing the sound) and Sonic v. S. Sonic, I think it might look good. Regarding scratch poses and backgrounds and the voice acting.... good luck with that! Well I'm done. I'll leave you to your work.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Well as I said, my dislike to Sonic isn't the only reason and who knows? I might decide to re-work episode 4 and fix some of the problems that it posed before, but at this point, not likely. I'm also hoping that people will warm up to the new idea just like before...with any luck.


2008-03-09 18:10:20

well good luck with ya projects...

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Thanks. I'll try.


2008-03-12 00:46:34

well when i was young i always liked pokemon. but now i hate it=/. But i hop when u make it i bet itll be the best pokemon series maybe. i watch it and ill rate it on how good it is.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Well I hate the Anime and most of the games, but the ones that stuck to the basic principle (like Red, Gold, Ruby and so on and so fourth) are good and since Mystery Dugeon sucks, that gives me a whole world to play with and make my own.


2008-03-12 22:11:21

I would watch out for Sonic: RPG. It sounds good, plus Sega's not making it! It's another Company that Sega gave permission to make! If the game sucks, I'm going on strike with you!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I have my doubts for Sonic: RPG. Mainly cus' a game built for speed being part of a Turn-Based RPG which is everything, but speed could lead to a pretty big failure.


2008-03-14 15:11:09

I agree whole heartedly. Sonic games seem to have really gone downhill after Sonic Adventure 2. Don't get me started on all the crappy lines and whatnot in Sonic Heroes. The game was decent, but a far cry from it's predecessor, if you ask me. I was really looking forward to the next Sonic VS Super Sonic, but it's perfectly fine that you don't want to continue it, especially since you hate Sonic now. 'Tis okay with me. :) I'll certainly keep an eye out for your future projects.

(Updated ) Vixin-McCloud responds:

Truth be told, Sonic VS Super Sonic has turned into a lot more trouble then its actually worth. If the future favours it, I might continue it one day, but at this point, no.


2008-03-24 18:17:58

You are probably going to think I'm stupid for saying this but can Brawl count as a good Sonic game? PLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

Vixin-McCloud responds:

No it can't. Even without Sonic, the game would do very well. It'll be the last shining moment in Sonic's career, but it wasn't Sonic that made the game popular in the first place. He was just added in to make the list more diverse.


2008-03-25 08:31:38

Pokemon seems a little old for me. But i am sure you'll be able to bring life to it. I'm on of those people that pm'ed you. I just don't like to see things end or go uncompleted, it's depressing.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Do you know what else is depressing? Seeing something you have liked since who knows when fall flat on its ass cus' the people behind the scenes fucked the whole thing up. Also even if I was to like Sonic again, that still wouldn't likely be enough. For a while, I got several hate mail from various people demanding me to pick up the pace making episode 4 and no one ever really asked why it took so long then.

You can be depressed all you want about it not finishing, but this series has been bringing unnecessary anger demand to something that was there for no other reason, but fun. If you were in my shoes and saw all the trouble that brewed from making episode 4, you too would agree that this is a right decision.


2008-03-29 23:49:56

Well I guess it's final.


Vixin-McCloud responds:

Suit yourself.


2008-04-02 07:08:54

I agree about the SEGA loosing it muster.I think the original games are still the best.Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders were ok but Zero Gravity,Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games and the up comic SEGA superstars Tennis are just lame.SEGA really needs to stop using the same story line over and over again....It's time tomake Sonic what is was once before!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I doubt Sonic will ever be what he once was, but if he just makes his games fun is good enough for me! The games aren't all that fun and haven't been in a long time and when a game isn't fun, the other downers start becoming obvious as well! Even the new game, I have some serious doubts over cus' of the track record.


2008-04-02 18:48:31

:O I CAN'T BELIVE SONIC VS SUPERSONIC IS CANCELLING THAT WAS THE BEST SERIES EVER!!! I'm for getting upset its just that this series is so brilliant and I really think
thats the wrong choice i know you go through a huge difficulty making this but SEGA goes through EXTEREME difficulty making their games and they probably have
to pay to put their game on nintendos console in the first place and they are....
Forget it i'm just some 11 year little boy. I'm cool.. yeah.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I left your first comment only being as its the one with the big hissy fit on it. Glad you liked the series, but I have no sympathy for SEGA's position nor do I have a good reason to care. With their history, they did it their selves and I don't see why I have to continue something that has turned into work rather then fun. If you don't wish to give this new thing a chance then that's your problem.


2008-04-03 23:38:50

I forgot to mention I look forward to your Pokemon project!I think the idea will be very interesting and with you animating skills I know it will be a hit!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Thanks. Making this is longer then all my previous work for the obvious reason that I have to fill a lot of gaps.


2008-04-07 16:44:14

hissy fit? I told you how I adore your old series, and told you that making games like the ones sega made are DIFFICULT and cost a lot of money. You can call it a hissy fit but i will always know its not. good-bye

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Do you think I was talking about you? There are some who argue their point to continue the series without throwing a fit. You are not the sole fan-base otherwise all my problems reguarding the series would be easily fixed. If you want to assume stupidly then go ahead. You're only wasting your own time.


2008-04-09 15:05:06

Say Vixin.... wow, saying that outloud must sound weird...anyhow, any news on your Pokemon series. With several other animators having troubles with their own series, I was hoping you would be giving us something new by now. Don't tell me that you too are in trouble with your animations.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I guess I am due for an update. Give me a moment and I'll give you a progress report.


2008-04-22 02:00:23

Pokemon? heh, figures a girl would make a flash about pokemon on NewGrounds, without nudity or well. . . something stupid. ( no offense ) So that's the end of Sonic vs Super Sonic huh? Damn that suks! So your going to turn your back on Sega&Sonic huh? Well good for you I guess but it's not going to make Sega make a deccent Sonic game no matter how many ppl turn their back on them! Plus alot of ppl are such big fans of Sonic ( like me ) that they'll still like the games ok enough for Sega to keep making them, so you might as well just go ahead and finish Sonic vs Super Sonic, 'cuz Sega's not going to change! Though I do admire you for it! You seem pretty nice, not alot of ppl would reply to everybody like you do. So your 19 huh? wanna go out? LOL JK JK but I wouldn't mind being friends! So PM me if you want, I'd like to talk to a girl for a change. P.S. I'm only 16 so if I went a little too far I'm sorry! I'm just a 16 yr old boy lol!

Vixin-McCloud responds:


First of all to your nice, little assumption...You Haven't Even Read The Scripts! I didn't have nudity (any objectionalbe kind) in Sonic VS Super Sonic and look how that turned out? Most people are begging me to bring it back and some have even been down right rude about it! Few even think to give the series a try let alone anything else! Christ...I can see why Alvin Earthworm got sick of his fans.

I wouldn't care if hating Sega does shit to the quality. I simply don't care nor do I care what people think anymore. Only one person has actually noticed that I said that Sega is NOT the only reason. Also you can like Sonic, that's fine by me, but I find his new stuff as nothing more then shit.

I reply to everyone cus' not doing just down right rude unless you simply don't have the time to. However sweet it was to begin with when I stilled liked my own series, that quickly died when my fans started becoming demanding and nasty with episode 3. That took longer, but was eventaully done. I hoped that it would keep people happy for a while, but no. The demand just went higher and higher and eventually, some people even started sending hate mail about me "taking too long".

I've tried to be nice all through this ordeal, but with the amount of shit that has been given to me, I wonder why I bother. Also if you wanted to be friends then you went the wrong way about doing it cus' this post you sent is just a repeat of how many other people's posts in various tones and I'm completely over it.


2008-05-13 01:19:36

Okay im sorry about my earlier comment. That sounded very noobish of me. I just don't want to see another great series go unfinished. But it really shouldn't concern me and I respect your decision.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I'm glad you now think so.


2008-05-23 22:19:05

I read your response to DarkDremora and now I completely understand why you shut down Sonic V.S Super Sonic.To tell you the truth I was really depressed when I first got word it was cancelled but crap games and hate mails are starting to make me realize that you cancelled for a good reason.Even I, your biggest fan would cancel if I was in your shoes.Few people understood why you did .Im one of them.Everyone else sent you hate mails for no reason.

P.S I plan to start my own series when i learn to use spites. Its name will be in my next news post.I do one the 19th of every month.See you then!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I'm glad you understand. It's not easy driving through months of shit (that's how long it takes to finish something) just to release something that will soon encouarge more shit. It has made me grow annoyed of most my fans rather then excited so it's really nice to see at least a small few of fans actually seeing where I'm coming from and not just bounce off their desires only like I'm their slave.

Thanks for the understanding. ^^


2008-05-28 18:21:03

Your welcome! I hope my series (if i ever do learn how to use sprites) doesnt end up like Sonic V.s Super Sonic.Let me give you a hint on the name.One word: Mega.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

I think I just got the hint. It all depends on what kind of fans you get which will determine how your series plays out.


2008-09-29 20:25:30

ROCK ON BROTHER ROCK ON you: im a girl me: uh *weird voice* rock on sister rock on


2009-01-30 17:17:25

Cool! keep up the good work and i hope the comic ends up well! Sonic vs Super sonic is good but i don't think anyone else thinks that's a good reason for leaving it a project only. i though had the same problem with something i had with a Kirby series. i decided to put it up on youtube once i wasn't really working on it much. it was very popular. i ended up deleting it because the fans were so god-damned annoying. No one remembers it now... As i said before good luck with comic!


2009-08-24 04:17:03

Jesus, so damn melodramatic, aren't ya? So pissed at the world, I don't like anybody, blabladblabla.

I could understand if you felt it was eating up your life (which I doubt) or if you were focusing on college/schoolwork/interviewing etc, but if that's your only reason, then that's sad. Does a protestor cease his riot because it provides "exclamation" to a police officer to hose them down or gas them? No. Does a police officer leave his gun in his car because when kids see it promotes "guns are cool" fads? No. Does an arcade machine give you back your quarters just because you suck at the game and think its terrible? No.

Think like a machine, ma'am.

You know, you once made one of the coolest flash animations I had ever seen as a kid (being a Sonic fan), but now you just sound in evidence from future and past posts like some bitter old bat who feels the incessant need to spurn everything, including Sonic. And believe me, if there's anyone left who wishes they'd just make Sonic the Hedgehog 4 in this world, its me. But stopping a perfectl-

Well, I'm not going to change your mind no matter how or what I sound or say. I just hope you're happy "giving up" like a person afraid to work on something because they can't handle the backlash, really now, not animating because you feel it supports new crap. Ha, right. Bullshit.

I feel like I'm paying my respects and all. What this being a "permanent" vacation and all, like, I'm getting so tired of flash animators shipping out this crap: Oh my flash got stolen three times because I'm obviously not careful, oh I feel so diversed in culture my work simply cannot go on, I don't want to finish it because I think all my ideas will be gone on the last 1/4th of production. Either you finish it and continue, or don't and leave it be. But don't act like there's a special ruse to it.

SEGA lacks intelligence now, and unless Yuji Naka or Naoto Oshma weigh down their hearts, things will never change. Why you believe a SEGA representative is on Newgrounds inspecting last individual is beyond me. Why you feel the need to quit becase" you don't have friends" or "socialism and society" bother you, I failt to grasp also. You should turn that passion into a weapon if its so strong, rather than inhibiting and holding yourself back. By now, I think you could make WONDERFUL things, but you're just too stubborn to see anything but your way.

~ SoTotallyNotANinja