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In need of a long or perminant vacation.

2008-06-06 15:03:25 by Vixin-McCloud

Okay, we all know this speech. Long story short, there is only so many times that I can pour my heart into something or someone and get stabbed for it. Long story short, I'm taking a long ass break from spriting, comic making, animating and anything of the sorts. Why? Cus' it's getting increasingly hard to put my time and effort into something for other people's enjoyment when the level of liking the mass human race is pretty bloody low. This will likely result in months or years of silence, but it could well take that long before I dare want to help anyone again after all the shit I've been dealing with. So usual speech out of the way, sorry for hyping you all up, but it's likely not going to happen now.

Edit: Since I have a back-log of the comic, I'll post them up once a week and then I'll see what the future for the comic will hold.

Life As A Pokémon

Well I extra idea I did have going died in the ass when the script ended up being long and boring so it'll just be the trailer. Also in regards to the rant I said before on Forum Politics, I got a nice reply to it which is fine...right up until names started coming out. I at least had the decency to not say names as that would be aiming to publicly humiliate. If I wanted to publicly humiliate her, I've got much better material for it. I've emailed said person about this little mess and I've yet to get a reply. I highly doubt I will since I gave her this chance before and she didn't take it. Oh well, I care none for such hype from people and then can't follow through on their word. Also there's a nice little love flower blossoming again anyway so well wishes to the happy couple. ^^ May you both feed off each other's excuses. Don't cha all love internet drama? XD

In with something new though, the comic that my internet series is be loosely based off is now on Smack Jeeves.. Life As A Pokémon will update each Sunday with a new Pokémon each time. I have a lot of back comics from my old ties so while you're all waiting for me to get something done on here, you can go there, have a look and comment. (It's called LaaP for short and it uses the normal e cus' the system doesn't recognise funny squiggles)

Not much has happened on the animation point, but as soon as things kick off again, you'll be the first to know.

Monthly update

2008-04-10 07:24:32 by Vixin-McCloud

It's a sprite-flash so it should be done by now right? Wrong if you want something of quality.


TONS of scripts have been done and worked out while many more ideas have been thought up. Scripts and ideas are exploding which is rather surprising since the main story is just three friends going on adventures like every Saturday Morning cartoon, but before I completely turn people away, there is action and there is humour. It's just not as adult as Sonic VS Super was (if you can even call that adult).

Voice recording...wise:

At this point, the only voice actors in this is myself and my brother and me coughing up enough flem and shit to fill an ocean while borrowing my brother's mic doesn't make for much recording, but a little has been done. Later on, I will hunt around for others whether they'd be cameo or actual parts, but when that happens, I have no idea.


The intro and menu is done and now I'm working on the episode itself. Due to the restriction of sprite backgrounds, I've decided to try something different and draw in all my backgrounds in flash. If nothing else, I shouldn't then be restricted to side-on view all the time. It's still a sprite flash though, but Mystery Dungeon sprites only serve any use on a bird eye's view so I have to custom build sheet upon sheet upon sheet. Charmander is simple and I struck it lucky with Sneasel since I found a custom-built sheet that I can build on and make it animatable, but building poses for Dragonair is a nightmare and a half. Straightened out, Dragonair is very long and animating her to move without it looking really out of place is very hard to do so building her sheet is a very slow business.

Extra info:

As I saw in the last update, many (not all) haven't really been warming up to the new idea or just want Sonic VS Super Sonic back so with this, Uroll gave me this good idea to make a Trailer for the series. Once I finish animating the first fight sequence, I will get to work on that which shouldn't really take long. Once I get all the sprite sheets sorted, animating itself should speed up a little.

New project and drilling in reason of the old project

2008-03-05 12:28:51 by Vixin-McCloud

I'm the unknown that animated Sonic VS Super Sonic and a while back, animated Still Annoyed, but I am working on something new.

First, a message about Sonic VS Super Sonic...again:

I know many of you have been rejecting the idea that I do not wish to continue it based on my short reason of my simply hating sonic now since his games haven't been performing very well. Some of you have even been PMing me saying how great the games are compared to something else or how one game was good to you or how I should support Sonic still in the hope that he will return.

By the way. if that sort of thinking is the kind all current Sonic fans hold then your guys need a reality check cus' supporting a crap game will then make SEGA believe that they don't have to make good games to get money from them. If you want Sonic to improve, you have to force them to improve by turning your back on him until they realise that they need to get their act together. Them returning to their former glory may never happen, but meh. I choose to not like Sonic now and that is one of the two main reasons as to why I'm stopping. Not the only reason, but one of the two main ones so kindly stop trying to convince me that Sonic is god cus' you're wasting your time!

Now, a new project on the wings:

I have a theory.It's not the building serious storyline people want to watch in my flashes or just the comedy (though that plays a big part in it). its the sprite fighting. Nothing else, but the sprite fighting. So I looked at myself and wondered, what has a lot of fighting in, but is in need of some serious improvement? Then I remembered the comic I make for myself in my little spare time, only showing a few. It's called Life As A Pokémon. s/w140/Vixin-McCloud/LifeasaPokmonLogo pic.png = Link to banner sort of.

Yes, Pokémon. It's perfect! Few people ever actually try to dig into the info given nor truly give it the fighting style it deserves.

The story is about a Charmander who was born into Trainer life, a Dragonair who was caught and then abandoned and a Sneasel who has been wild since the day he was born. Together, they go on various adventures taking them all over the world of Pokémon discovering new things and seeing various items and events through their own eyes. Say hunting, Sneasel complains about how hard hunting is and Charmander being a trainer's Pokémon doesn't see how hard it is since she is pratically given her food and Dragonair would think they're both idiots. Happy friends there...

Anyway I've started scripting with my brother and looking into it, the style will be like that of a Saturday Morning cartoon, but not for kids. Especially not when you dig into the Pokédex info deeply and apply it to that of a wild animal. A LOT of adult themes start popping up. I have no idea when that will see any light since unlike before where there was a lot of sprites readily available, this time, Mystery Dungeon doesn't provide much for say a close up or angle and the fact that finding a full sheet for certain kinds is quite a task so I'm building poses and possibly even backgrounds from scratch.

The scripts are looking to be quite larger then that of previous work. Any script I did before was only about 4 to 7 pages long. The shortest one so far for this project is 10 with 18 being the limit I've set myself. That is also of course not going into detail about the fighting. Also at this point, only me and my brother will be voicing the characters with one not even having a proper voice as such, but I might call for cameos later...or I could just ask the people who helped me out before. Depends on how things go. This will not be following some strict storyline, but there will be a storyline of such. Just not a very detailed one as there is no need for something like that.

I will update on progress as soon as I can. Take care til then!

~ Vixin McCloud